Cremation Authorization Form

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This signed cremation authorization must accompany the decedent's remains to the crematory together with the cremation permit approved by the county medical examiner.

Pacemakers, other electronic devises, prosthesis, silicone and radioactive implants must be removed prior to delivery of the decedent to the crematory.

If the death was caused by any infectious or contagious disease, the crematory must be notified prior to the delivery of the decedent.

Any bridgework, prosthesis or similar items remaining after the cremation will be separated from the cremated remains and will be disposed of by the crematory.

and certifies and represents that he or she has the right to make such authorization and agrees to hold CSM Cremation Services harmless from any liability on account of said authorization.

By entering your name twice below you are electronically signing the form and agree that all of the information is true to the best of your knowledge.


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